TALOS is on the lookout for talent

TALOS employees burn with desire – for their job and for the cause: efficient and intuitive VMS software and satisfied users

At TALOS, genuine service quality for customers and innovative technology go together.
We think ahead when it comes to workforce management. To do this, we use intelligent technology that we flexibly adapt to our customers. That isn’t always easy. That’s why dedication, out-of-the-box thinking and the motivation to take on challenges are even more important to us.

In an atmosphere of creativity, autonomy and friendly working relationships, we constantly question the status quo and keep moving towards the top every day. If you want to be part of all this, send us you application now.

We want colleagues who:

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Are happy in themselves

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Know what they can do and what they can’t yet do.

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Set something in motion that they would like to share with us

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Have lots of questions: about us, about this, about anything.

Want to be part of TALOS ?


We want “movers and shakers”. So why not get in touch with us directly without the need for any paperwork stuff. That’s how you can find out quickly whether your ideas and ours fit together. That’s much more important to us than marks or exams.

Elvira Hinkel

Elvira Hinkel
Marketing & Communication Manager

E-Mail: karriere@talos-wfs.de
Phone: +49 8431 431209-0