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Powerful tools for modern personnel management

Our IT experts are innovative thinkers who design our software on the basis of up-to-date technology and solid knowledge of the branch. Professional software development is more than just coding, it requires understanding and problem-solving. This work results in our intelligent software solutions, which are adaptable for each customer for total external workforce management.


  • Horizontal and vertical scaling
  • Short latency periods (“ping level”)
  • Application and database (Overall architecture: Application/DB/Messaging)

State of the art technology

  • Microservices, NodeJS, MongoDB, Docker, AMQP Messaging

Global community & global player

  • “Infinite” number of components
  • Stable libraries (fast integration)
  • Continual development
  • Big player contribution: Google, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Paypal, AirBnB


  • Process and workflow management
  • Flexible processes, individualised per customer and structure
  • Persistent state machine


  • High system availability thanks to autonomous components
  • Redundant microservice architecture
  • Component reboot < 10s


  • API driven / open architecture
  • Standardised and individual interfaces

Distributed architecture

  • Load-related component distribution
  • Physical data separation (on demand / client)
  • Hosting in Germany; data centres in Europe, USA, GB also available on request


Efficiency and transparency can be integrated into modern software systems and IT architectures, without contradiction, if the applications are customised proactively, designed, and aligned with customer requirements based on specialist expertise. Against this background, our intelligent software provides solutions which are exclusively adapted to customer processes and which also automate the most complex of process landscapes: 

  • New development from a single source with a focus on performance and user-friendliness
  • Seamless integration into your system landscape thanks to flexible interfaces
  • Customisation by innovative workflow manager and digital process management
  • High impact thanks to our in-house development team and short decision-making processes, even in unforeseen circumstances

The automation of recurring administrative activities with the option for experts in front of a screen to view and intervene at the same time – man and machine don’t replace each other, they complement each other.



Agile development methods for constant focus on specific content and the use of the best possible code modules for all non-industry-specific purposes enable the targeted new and further development of our system – at high speed and without losing sight of the user perspective in the process:

  • Specially developed process management module for real workflow
  • management, versioning and making historical records of process and process variants
  • Instead of old liabilities, we offer future-oriented and forward-looking systems from a single source
  • Creativity and autonomy in the development team
  • Continuous improvement and innovation

Our membership in the Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e.V. (BITMi) shows that: TALOS prioritises professional software development.


Our controlled workflows are easy to understand and user friendly. However, should any problems occur, you can send your queries directly from the system – from exactly where the issue is. An internal support team will answer you in person, promptly and clearly:

  • In-house IT team for development, operation and support
  • German and English-language support
  • Support queries via the system, by phone or email
  • Our satisfaction guarantee: we aren’t satisfied with just closing the ticket, we want to actually solve the problem

For us, TALOS accountability means: Development and operation from one provider. So that that any problem can be solved quickly and as straightforwardly as possible.


For TALOS, data protection and data security mean the availability, reliability and confidentiality of your data. We never compromise when it comes to security: “privacy by default” and “privacy by design” go without saying.

 TALOS doesn’t just conform 100 % to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), all data models and workflows are designed and optimised with a broad vision for the legally compliant handling of personal data.

 Hosting exclusively in ISO 27001 – certified high-performance data centres in Germany

Your data are secure with us!



You take care of your core business, and so do we. Our experts always stay up-to-date for you, the system constantly works with the most up-to-date legal and wage agreement requirements: transparent and secure.

  • Development of temporary employment contracts that conform with the Temporary Employment Act (AÜG)
  • Calculating and reliable tracking of the maximum loan period or admission to equal pay
  • Timely notifications and complete alarm function for deadline tracking
  • Pricing conforms with all relevant tariff agreements and laws
  • Fully automatic end-to-end accounting without manual error sources

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Dr. Hans Georg Seedig

Dr. Hans Georg Seedig
Head of IT

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E-Mail: hans-georg.seedig@talos-wfs.de
Phone: +49 8431 431208-2

Dr. Hans Georg Seedig

Dr. Hans Georg Seedig You have questions? +49 8431 431208-2

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